To accomplish our goal, we decided to use as a main character design a “Wolf”’ from Unchained Wolfs Project and convert it in 2D. (Wolfs from Wolfirion are not ordinary wolves). The main idea is the user to control the main character “Wolf” using only two buttons and receive rewards in a short amount of time. As advocates of cryptocurrency we have named the game "Diamond Hands,” where the objective is the main character the "Wolf" to collect diamonds by clicking either left or right to select the correct side in a limited amount of time. The user must navigate and choose wisely to successfully collect diamonds and achieve rewards." When starting the game, the user must select between "Web3" and "Web2" modes to proceed. The Web2 mode is connected to a server, like most conventional games, while the Web3 mode utilizes blockchain technology for an added level of security and decentralization. In the Web3 mode, the user has the option of connecting to the blockchain through three different methods: Metamask, Coinbase, or Any Wallet. After connecting their wallet, the game will verify if the user has a nickname, NFT, and high score within their account. Once the verification process is complete, the user can then play to collect as many diamonds as possible. If the user has an NFT, it will be granted an additional life for the first incorrect move, providing him with an added advantage in the game. In the main menu, there is a link to access the scores table, NFT mint page, marketplace, and our Discord server, providing users with all the resources they need to have a complete gaming web3 experience.

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