Diamond Hands Gameplay

Our objective is to design games that are simple to play, with only 2-3 buttons, making them ideal for short breaks or lunchtime play. Additionally, we aim to reward users for their participation, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Additionally, we aim to introduce new and exciting features that will make the gameplay more engaging and rewarding. The Grab your Wolf Tournament and Steal the Pot Tournament are two such examples, providing players with a recurring opportunity to compete and win unique NFT rewards. These tournaments will not only add a new level of excitement and challenge to the game but also allow players to showcase their skills and build their NFT collection. Additionally, the NFTs in Diamond Hands will serve as valuable in-game assets, providing players with various utilities such as extra lives for the main character "Wolf" and increased time to collect diamonds and Double points.

  • Grab your Wolf Tournament: Lasts for one week and offers a variety of NFT prizes for the top performers on the leader board. The first-place winner will receive a Legendary NFT and an Epic NFT, the second-place winner will receive an Epic NFT and a Rare NFT, and the third-place winner will receive an Epic NFT. The remaining players on the leader board will receive one Rare NFT each, up to a supply of 6,000.

  • Steal the Pot Tournament: This tournament lasts for two weeks and requires a fee of 0.5 Matic per round. The prize pool is divided among the top performers, with the first-place winner receiving 60% of the pot, the second-place winner receiving 25%, and the third-place winner receiving 5%. The rest goes to the development team.

Among these updates is the addition of a rare new item - the Random Black Diamond. With a 5% chance of appearing on the coal position. Additionally, a new Blue Mode has been introduced, which lasts for 5 seconds and doubles the number of points earned. During this mode, the background and progress bar will turn blue, and players can earn extra double the previous points per click.

This cycle of tournaments will repeat every two weeks, offering players a recurring opportunity to compete and either win unique NFT rewards or steal the pot. Get ready to test your skills and see how many diamonds you can collect in Diamond Hands.

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