Game Description

The game will change worlds eras every 2 months (Vikings, Western, Samurai, Futuristic and more to come).

When a player connects his wallet at the first time, it will transfer to planet Earth for the tutorial. Is the default planet, and the owner is the developers of the game. After the tutorial finish, the user has the option to choose a planet to live on. The planets have different perks and a percentage tax fee that they have to pay or have the option to stay on planet Earth (planet Earth has the higher tax fee from all the planets). In each town that they live they will have already five production buildings and a town centre. All five buildings will have max 20 levels for now. In town centre the player will have the option to send their Wolf on a mission to get loot (XP and $Oxygen token). The goal of each player is to max out the buildings to receive the maximum loot from each mission and get the maximum XP. There will be a leader board that we will determine the rank of each player based on their XP and at the end of the world season (2 months) will distribute $Oxygen based on their rank.

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