General Information

Total planet supply : 50 Planets + Earth planet that the founders will own.

  • Tier 1 planet : 30. Initial capacity 200 users with max level of capacity perk 1200

  • Tier 2 planet : 15. Initial capacity 500 users with max level of capacity perk 3000

  • Tier 3 planet : 5. Initial capacity 1000 users with max level of capacity perk 6000

  • Also each tier of planets will have different initial materials to cover their users and with every upgrade they will get more from the planet Earth.

  • The max level of planets will be 100 level and with every level the planet owner will have the option to choose perk that suits them strategic for their journey.

  • There will be a kick out method for the planet owners but in order to cover the owner and the user, the user must be inactive for more than five days in order for the owner to be able to kick out the user from the planet. Kick out user will be deliver automatically to planet Earth until they choose another planet.

  • In order to travel to another planet because for some reason you don't want to be in that specific planet anymore you will have the option to choose another planet but to get there you have to stay to Earth planet for a day and then travel to chosen planet.

  • After the reset of season, the planets will keep all upgrades with perks

  • Owners in order to get the tax from users they have to stack their NFT planet.

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