On their time on Wolfirion, the Wolfs were separated in 5 tribes that were living peacefully with each other. The tribes are:

Renians the Gold miners.

Okeans the sea captains.

Leafins that live in the forests.

Durkons the iron forgers.

Volcators the stone miners.

NFT Staking mechanism

For the Tribes there will be a staking mechanism, which allows users to stake their NFTs and receive resources to build tools or to sell the excess amount they have in a marketplace. Our NFTs are divided into 5 tribes, each producing different resources: Leafins produce more wood, Durkons produce more iron, Renians produce more gold, Volcators produce more stone, and Okeans produce more water.

To use the staking mechanism, simply purchase or use your existing NFTs and stake it in the virtual world. The NFT will produce the appropriate resource, which can then be used to manufacture tools to increase production rate in game. The resource requirements for each tool are unique, with the resource produced by the tribe of the NFT being included in higher units.

We hope this new staking mechanism will provide users with an exciting new way to engage with our virtual world and reap the rewards of their NFT ownership.

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