Connect Wallet and Game Features

Step 1: Click โ€œConnect Walletโ€ at the top corner of the page, connect to your Metamask wallet:

  • In case you do not have a Metamask wallet, see instructions for creating it hereโ€‹

  • In case you already have a Metamask wallet, just log in. When successful, you can start playing the game.

Step 2: The features here are divided into 3 options, including:

  1. Mint: Where you buy your Wolfs. Of course, you must have Eth to be able to buy them.

  2. Marketplace: Here you can sell your Wolfs from your inventory.

  3. Account: Personal account.

In addition, at the top of the page there is information such as:

  • Wallet address you are using

  • Current Oxygen balance in wallet

  • The amount of Oxygen received from playing the game and can be withdrawn to the Metamask wallet

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